917-image"Seal Saver"

• Protects against seal deterioration – cuts costly repairs & downtime.
• Stops oil leakage due to seal shrinkage in hydraulic systems, automatic
   transmissions & power steering units.
• Works while equipment is in operation.


  • Omega 917 "Seal Saver" is the "Super Saver" treatment that saves seals, saves maintenance and downtime, saves time and saves money!
  • Omega 917 protects, lubricates and conditions seals to arrest deterioration – cuts costly repairs and downtime.
  • Omega 917 stops oil leakage due to seal shrinkage in hydraulic systems, automatic transmissions and power steering units.
  • Omega 917 works effectively while equipment is in operation.


Omega 917 is the superior seal treatment that:
  • Is ideal for industrial hydraulic equipment – including injection molding machines.
  • Is excellent for fast repairs – can stop a leak in a transmission in 100 miles (160 km) of driving or within a week.
  • Cuts operational costs by eliminating equipment oil loss and seal replacement.
  • Offers unparalleled economy due to super concentration.
  • Is super safe to use – contains no harmless solvents and is non-flammable.
  • Eliminates power steering squeals.


Omega 917 is manufactured under strictly controlled laboratory conditions and is thoroughly tested to meet Omega's high standards of purity, uniformity, performance and quality. Omega 917 gives off no harmful fumes, washes off easily and is completely safe to use and in storage.

Use Omega 917 for:
  • Hydraulic Systems, Including Vehicular and Stationery Equipment 
  • Injection Molding Equipment 
  • Automotic Transmissions 
  • Power Steering Units 
  • Construction Equipment 
  • Mining Machinery 
  • Marine Motors.

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